In Yoga practice we peel back the layers of story and illusion that block our immersion in this beautiful reality.

Layer by layer, we become more whole and more alive.

Rupert trained at Yogasara in Vinyasa Krama Tantra Yoga.

Let's break that down a little.

Vinyasa means flowing with the breath. We marry our movements with our inhales and exhales to create an experience of connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Krama means step-by-step or modifications. So we meet you where you're at, offering options to bring you gently and safely up to your personal edge.

Tantra could take a while to explain, but essentially means there's no line between the practice of Yoga on a mat and the rest of our lives. It's all one experience where we can practice awareness, consciousness, and love.

Find Rupert's classes at Space 238.